DARKTHRONE “The Underground Resistance” 2013 [black metal]
UNHOLY “From the Shadows” 1993 [doom metal]
DEBAUCHERY “Back in Blood” 2007 [death ‘n’ roll]
DEBAUCHERY “Germany’s Next Death Metal” 2011 [death ‘n’ roll]
FIREWIND “Days Of Defiance” 2010 [heavy metal]
FIREWIND “The Premonition” 2008 [heavy metal]
MOONGATES GUARDIAN/ BALGA “Oath Of Feanor/ Legends Of The Damned” 2021 [Dungeon Synth /Black Metal]
EVILE “Hell Unleashed” 2021 [Thrash Metal]
IMMOLATION “Majesty And Decay” 2010 [Death metal]
BATHORY “The Return” 1985 [Viking Metal]
BATHORY “Hammerheart” 1990 [Viking Metal]
BATHORY “Twilight Of The Gods” 1991 [Viking Metal]
ACTUS SEPTEM “The Catechism of Death” 2021 [Black, Doom]
CLOUDS “Dor II” 2021 [Melodic Doom/Death. Funeral]
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC “Cloud Covered” 2021 [Stoner Doom/ Sludge]
DARKLIGHT “Theatrum October” 2021 [Ambient/ Experimental/ Black]
THY CATAFALQUE “Microcosmos” 2021 [Black, Avantgarde]
THY CATAFALQUE “Sublunary Tragedies” 2021 [Black, Avantgarde]
ARTILLERY “X” 2021 [thrash metal]
MOTORHEAD “Louder Than Noise… Live in Berlin” 2021 [hard rock/heavy metal]
REDEMPTION “This Mortal Coil” 2011/2021 [progressive metal]
D.E.F.A.M.E. “Hyperboolaris Supreeme Bizzare” 2021 [Groovy Goregrind]
BONFIRE “Fistful Of Fire” 2020 [heavy metal]
BROTHERS OF METAL “Prophecy Of Ragnarok” 2018 [heavy/power metal]
ENSIFERUM “Victory Songs” 2007 [folk metal]
A LIFE DIVIDED “Human” 2015 [electro/synth rock]
IF THESE TREES COULD TALK “The Bones of a Dying World” 2016 [post rock]
BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT “Paint The Sky With Blood” 2021 [Death Metal]
THE FROZEN AUTUMN “Is Anybody There?” 2005 [Darkwave / SynthGoth]

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