PYRAMAZE “Epitaph” 2020 [progressive/power metal]
ANNIHILATOR “Ballistic, Sadistic” 2020 [thrash metal]
EKTOMORF “The Acoustic” 2012 [extreme metal / acoustic]
SISTER “Stand Up, Forward, March!” 2016 [glam metal]
BELPHEGOR “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan” 2020 [Death / Black Metal]
FATES WARNING “Long Day Good Night” 2020 [progressive metal]
CHANNEL ZERO “Kill All Kings” 2014 [Groove metal]
DESTRAGE “A Means to No End” 2016 [modern metal]
CARCASS “Despicable (EP)” 2020 [Death Metal]
DRACONIAN “Under A Godless Veil” 2020 [Gothic Metal / Doom metal]
EVILDEAD “United States of Anarchy” 2020 [Thrash Metal]
INSIDIOUS DISEASE “After Death” 2020 [Death Metal]
STALKER “Black Magic Terror” 2020 [Speed Metal]
JEFF SCOTT SOTO “Wide Awake” 2020 [hard rock]
LORDS OF BLACK “Alchemy Of Souls, Pt.I” 2020 [melodic power metal]
SHATTERED HOPE “Vespers” 2020 [death doom metal]

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