REBELLION “We Are The People” 2021
БАГИРА “И грянет гром” 2021
ASTARIUM “Solar Despair” 2021
BILLYBIO “Feed The Fire” 2018
GAMA BOMB “Untouchable Glory” 2015
POWERWOLF “Call of the Wild” 2021
PARADISE LOST “Live At The Mill” 2021
Ornamentos Del Miedo “Ecos” 2021
HellLight “Until The Silence Embraces” 2021
Calliophis “Liquid Darkness” 2021
AMAZEROTH “Ten Świat…” 2021
COLD WOMB DESCENT “A Handful Of Spacedust” 2021
MARTA GABRIEL “Metal Queens” 2021 [heavy/power metal]
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Candyland” 2016 [gothic metal]
AXEL RUDI PELL “Diamonds Unlocked II” 2021 [Melodic Hard Rock]
VADER “De Profundis (Remastered)” 2021 [Death Metal]
SPEED OF DARKNESS (VALENTIN LEZJENDA’S) “Альтернативная Реальность” 2021 [power metal]
MIRRON “Fire Tallisman” 2021 [Thrash metal]
RIVERS OF NIHIL “Monarchy” 2015 [death metal]
RIVERS OF NIHIL “Where Owls Know My Name” 2018 [death metal]
POSSESSED “Beyond the Gates-The Eyes of Horror” 1986 [death/thrash metal]
AGENT STEEL “Unstoppable Force” 1987/2004 [Power/Speed/Thrash Metal]
HELKER “Somewhere In The Circle” 2013 [Heavy Metal]
HELKER “Firesoul” 2017 [Heavy Metal]
WOLAND “Hyperion” 2014 [black metal]
А.П. “ПОТРЕБНОСТЬ В ЭВОЛЮЦИИ” 2021 [hardcore metal]
PRESTIGE “Reveal The Ravage” 2021 [thrash metal]
QUETZALQOATL “Relación de las cosas de Yukatán” 2021 [Blackened Death Metal]
BALGA “Through The Ever Twisted Roads” 2021 [Black Metal, Atmospheric Black]
SIX FEET UNDER “Cryps of the Devil” 2015 [Death Metal]
IMMORTAL “Battles in the North” 1995 [black metal]
BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE “Nocturnal” 2007 [Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal]
FROM HELL “Ascent From Hell” 2014 [Thrash/Death Metal]
LIGHT THE TORCH “You Will Be The Death Of Me” 2021 [Metalcore/Metal]
DISMEMBER “Where Ironcrosses Grow” 2004 [death metal]
DIRKSCHNEIDER & THE OLD GANG “Arising” 2021 [heavy metal]
DEAD POINT “The Moral of Hypocrisy” 2021 [Death/ grind]
IRON SAVIOR “Kill Or Get Killed” 2019 [power metal]
MYSTIC PROPHECY “Metal Division” 2020 [thrash/power metal]
ENSIFERUM “From Afar” 2009 [folk metal]
FEAR MY THOUGHTS “Vulcanus” 2007 [Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore]
DESTRUCTION “Live Attack” 2021 [Thrash Metal]
MARTIN GORE “The Third Chimpanzee Remixed” 2021 [Electronic]
SEPULTURA “Sepulquarta” 2021 [Thrash Metal]
SODOM “Bombenhagel (EP)” 2021 [Thrash Metal]
WARKINGS “Revolution” 2021 [Heavy Metal / Power Metal]
HEAVY WATER “Red Brick City” 2021 [blues rock]
APOPHIS “Excess” 2021 [death metal]
DARGONOMEL “Rebelliant Daemonis” 2021 [Black/ Death Metal]
U.D.O. “We Are One” 2020 [heavy metal]
MEMORAIN “Zero Hour” 2014 [thrash metal]
THERGOTHON “Stream from the Heavens” 1994/2018 [funeral doom]
Veil Of Conspiracy “Echoes Of Winter” 2021 [dark metal]
SOEN “Lotus” 2019 [progressive rock]
DEMIND “Everything Changes” 2021 [modern metal]
WARDRUNA “Runaljod – Ragnarok” 2016 [folk/ambient]
AMON AMARTH “With Oden On Our Side” 2006 [melodic death metal]
GRAVE “You’ll Never See…” 1992 [death metal]
UNLEASHED “Hell’s Unleashed” 2002 [death metal]
UNLEASHED “Sworn Allegiance” 2004 [death metal]
VARIOUS ARTISTS “The Plague Inside: A tribute to PARADISE LOST” 2016 [Metal]
EX DEO “The Thirteen Years Of Nero” 2021 [Death Metal]
SABATON “Coat Of Arms” 2021 [Heavy /True/ Power /Speed Metal]
GAMMA RAY “30 Years Live Anniversary” 2021 [Heavy /True/ Power /Speed Metal]
WORMWOOD “Arkivet” 2021 [Black Metal / Viking Metal]
THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA “Aeromantic II” 2021 [Rock]
JINJER “Wallflowers” 2021 [Prog Metal / Groove Metal]
ANETTE OLZON “STRONG” 2021 [melodic metal]
BRAINSTORM “Wall Of Skulls” 2021 [power metal]
SADISTIC DEMISE “Your Chosen Way Of Sadistic” 2021 [Death metal]
CAEDERE “Eighty Years War (Dutch War of Independence)” 2021 [Brutal death metal]
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER “Abysmal” 2015 [death metal]
MEGADETH “Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!” 1985 [thrash metal]
CARCASS “Torn Arteries” 2021 [Death Metal]
RAGE “Resurrection Day” 2021 [Heavy/Рower/Speed/Symphonic metal]
PARADOX “Heresy II — End Of A Legend” 2021 [power/thrash metal]
RIVERS OF NIHIL “The Work” 2021 [technical death metal]
WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER “Das Album” 2021 [metalcore]
KAIRA “ВРЕМЯ ТЁМНЫХ” 2021 [sympho pagan metal]
ЭСЕНТА “ПОД ЗНАКОМ БЕДЫ” 2021 [heavy power metal]

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