JADED HEART “Stand Your Ground” 2020 [hard rock]
DARKNESS “Over And Out” 2020 [thrash metal]
OCEAN HILLS “Santa Monica” 2020 [alternative rock]
INSANIS “Black Metal Marginals” 2020 [black metal]
KILLER BE KILLED “Reluctant Hero” 2020 [Modern Metal / Groove Metal]
ELLEFSON “No Cover” 2020 [Hard Rock / Heavy Metal]
MY DYING DRIDE “Macabre Cabaret (EP)”2020 [Doom /Stoner /70s, Gothic]
TARJA “From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas) (2020 Edition)” 2020 [symphonic metal / female vocal]
HJELVIK “Welcome to Hel” 2020 [Heavy/ True/ Power/ Speed Metal]
KIM WILDE “Wilde Winter Songbook (Deluxe Edition)” 2020 [Pop]
MARCHE FUNÈBRE “Einderlicht” 2020 [eclectic doom death / black metal]
AMEDERIA “Sometimes We Have Wings…” 2020 [gothic doom metal]

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